21 Organizing and Declutter Tricks For Your Home

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21 Organizing and Declutter Tricks For Your Home

1. Store your bobby pins in a magnetic paperclip holder.

2. Use rubber bands, pipe cleaners, or hot glue to keep your clothes from falling off their hangers.

3. Repurpose a cheap lid organizer into a way to organize your clutches. No more digging through a bottomless bin to find what you’re looking for.

4. Make your earrings easy to find by sorting them into ice cube trays. Then keep those trays in your jewelry drawer.

5. Store all of your extra buttons on safety pins.

6. Keep your charger and earbuds safe in your purse or luggage using an old sunglasses case.

7. Use washi tape to mark your phone’s charger so you can always pick it out from everyone else’s. Or from all the other white Apple cords you have at your desk or on your bedside table.

8. Stop your smartphone’s storage problems in their tracks with a little bit of memory management. Link to both Apple and Android tutorials in video description.

9. Clean up the cords behind your TV with some cheap cable ties and removable adhesive hooks. You can also use adhesive hooks made specifically for cord control, but it might take more of them if you have lots of cords.

10. Paint all of those similar keys with nail polish so you don’t waste time trying three different keys ever again.

11. Make a free car trash can using an old dishwasher tablet container.

12. Secure clothespins on the inside of your cabinets to create a little bit of extra storage. You can use removable adhesive strips.

13. Keep a lazy Susan under your kitchen sink to make all of your cleaning supplies easy to grab. Or under your laundry room sink, if that’s where you store these types of things.

14. Use a wine bottle rack to keep your water bottle collection neat.

15. Turn an ordinary plastic container into a divided plastic container using cupcake liners. Silicone ones are reusable, but you could also use paper ones.

16. Hang a tension rod about your washer and dryer to hold hang-dry clothes and your detergent. No cabinets? Problem solved.

17. Prevent your trash bag from slipping down by securing it with binder clips.

18. Set up a battery recycling station with an old coffee can. And you can use a second can for recycling medicine.

19. If your family is always leaving their junk around the house, institute a “crap basket” system. You can put their stuff in their crap basket, then they can take their basket back to their rooms to put everything away.

20. Keep your folded sheets in their respective pillow cases, so it’s always easy to grab the whole sheet set at once.

21. Keep a laundry basket in your trunk, so you can carry in all of your groceries at once. When you’re unloading your grocery cart, just put all the bags in the basket. Then carry the basket inside when you get home.

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