Dido - Thank You - Tenor Saxophone by charlez360

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This is me, charlez360, playing my tenor saxophone to Dido's song "Thank You." I know it's kind of an oldie, but it's definitely a goodie too. I enjoyed playing this so much. It relaxed me, and just chilled me out. After a long week of stress, this seems to be the perfect song to play. I also haven't had time to play saxophone in a while (couple weeks), so this was certainly a nice way to get back into the groove of things.

This song was requested/suggested by a fan on the official charlez360 Facebook page (link above), but it's also FOR all of my fans. Your kind (and constructive haha) comments on the videos, the channel, and the Facebook page make me feel so much better all the time. Whenever I feel down and out, or I give up on my music, I read the comments and I'm reminded why I should continue. I just want to thank you guys for all of the support and for sticking with me through everything over the days, months, and for some of you, years. Thank you.

If you have any requests, PLEASE let me know! I'm all ears :)

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