dZihan & Kamien - Freaks & Icons

Ricardo Alves
dZihan & Kamien are a downtempo house and acid jazz music duo based in Vienna, Austria.
Their sound has been described as having "jazzy texture, trip-hop rhythms and Eastern ambience."
Their first production single, Der Bauch, released in 1996 under the name MC Sultan, was popular in European clubs and was included on several compilations.

dZihan & Kamien's debut album, Freaks & Icons, was released in 2000 on their label, Couch Records

Tracklist :

After 7:25
Where Are We? 5:40
Streets Of Istanbul 5:08
Before 5:20
Homebase 7:22
I Guess She... 4:15
Slowhand Hussein 5:26
Just You & I 5:57
Colores 3:29
Ocean Air 5:26
Smile 3:52
Carta De Condução 4:37
Spacewater 5:18