Energize Your Crown/Sahasrara Chakra

Taos Winds Spirit Music
Part of the new "Energize" Chakra series. The imagery was created to stimulate and energize you in concert with the musical frequencies, to activate, stimulate, tune and balance your Crown Chakra. The imagery in this is spectacular and extremely powerful! The soundtrack is "Sahasrara / Crown Chakra" (violet) by Taos Winds, extremely powerful frequencies and vibrations.

The audio frequencies and colors in this video are for meditating and tuning the Sahasrara or the Crown Chakra (violet).

Sahasrara or Crown chakra is generally considered to be the state of pure consciousness; Nirvana, within which there is neither object nor subject. When the Kundalini energy rises to this point, it unites with the male Shiva energy, and a state of liberating samadhi is attained. Sahasrara involves inner wisdom.

Its role may be envisioned somewhat similarly to that of the pituitary gland, which secretes hormones to communicate to the rest of the endocrine system and also connects to the central nervous system via the hypothalamus. The thalamus is thought to have a key role in the physical basis of consciousness and is the 'Bridal Chamber' mentioned in the Gnostic scriptures. Sahasrara's inner aspect deals with the release of karma, physical action with meditation, mental action with universal consciousness and unity, and emotional action with "beingness."

It is of primary importance in the performance of phowa, or consciousness projection after death, in order to obtain rebirth in a Pure Land. Within this state is contained the White drop, or Bodhicitta, which is the essence of masculine energy.

Corresponding deity for material element of this state is Dhruva.