Excel 2010 - DJ & Lenny Singing A Beautiful Love Song

Patoa Tavai
OK my apologies to both Te Rina Ransfield and to Eruera Manuel. Firstly to Te Rina, sorry didnt realise someone else wrote it, just my ignorance I guess, saw yu singing it at school and just assumed yu wrote it. So all that hate is towards me OK. To Eruera Manuel, sorry bro, honest mistake. Haters please dont hate no more, Te Rina explained to me and asked that I change all this K. God Bless all, peace

LOVE THIS SONG, try not fall in love with this song when you listen to it. I dare you! This song has a perfect marriage between the melody the tune and the chord progression, but other than that it just makes you feel good. Its beautiful. DJ need I say it? Beautiful . . . Lenny bro, smooth and sexy, the man!