Laura's water birth (graphic content) PG

Seeking Simplicity
Our son's water birth at Breath of Life (BOL) in Largo Florida was the most amazing experience and the happiest day of our lives hands down. The team at BOL was from day one THE BEST people and care providers we have ever encounter.

Our birth team was composed by:
My sister Pau who video taped the birth
My mother in Law Lynn
Our midwife Everly who guided us through the birth
Lactation Consultant Cindy who taught us how to latch him on correctly
Our doula Candice who was a huge support and also provided the most relaxing music including "Sayama-Drifting through Time and Space". The music was key to being able to relax during and between contractions ... I was even able to take some cat naps in between.
And last but certainly not least, my AWESOME husband !!!