Ludovico Einaudi - Andare

Time for another request. this piece was requested by someone who doesn´t want to be named ^.^
So, unknown person to anyone else: i hope you enjoy this cover :)

I really really got to love this piece instantly. i am so thankful for requests because most of the time they introduce me to amazing music.
It´s just too bad that there is so much work for me at the moment that i can´t play as much music as i´d like to.

Anyway, about this piece: there is a lot of room for interpretation in it. i could have played it exactly as the recording that you can download anywhere, with the piano sample from the start playing throughout the whole piece. but i also listened to Einaudi playing it live in Dublin, and i like that live performance so much, i wanted to include some of that feeling in my cover. so i dont play 100% by the sheet music at some parts.
around the end i play it more "rubato" which wouldn´t be possible with the piano sample playing throughout the piece.

God.. so much talk ^^

Enjoy the piece!