Metalwork Techniques -How to cut, file and patina metal and use your Cuttlebug to add texture

Making It Easy with Liz
In this video I show you metal working techniques including how to properly cut out your pieces with metal shears, file, antique (patina) and add texture with your Cuttlebug. This video will get you on your way to creating great pieces out of sheet metal.

Tools and Materials:
Metal shears
Nail filing board (not cheap one from $ store)
Cuttlebug and embossing envelopes (this is a scrapbooking tool)
Steel wool (superfine 0000)
Paper patterns (drawn or made off of computer)
Acid-free glue stick
Scissors to cut out your pattern
Old mugs or bowls (keep these for the liver of sulfur only)
Liver of sulfur gel
24 or 26 gauge copper sheet metal

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Video filmed by Blaize Morgan