Mzee Joshua of Esinaka (82) Jigger Treatment (3 of 4)

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Joshua (born 1936) worked in Uganda in 1950s, left for Mombasa before going to Nairobi finally. He did not get good education (went up to standard four) and therefore only did menial work. He later returned back home to Bunyore and as he ages, and frailties that accompany us as we age got up with him. Jiggers were also coming along. The problem with getting jiggers at an advanced age is that they stick with the person till death. In fact they shorten his/her days through incapacitation, pain and stigma. Left alone without company, not being able to move and lack of good night rest is detrimental to health and major cause of death among senior citizens in Africa. Joshua is lucky to have met our jigger brigade. We'll make sure jiggers are not a factor in his latter days, going forward.

This video is intended for educational purposes and to raise awareness of the health problems that jiggers cause in Africa.

MEDICAL CONDITION: The condition depicted is known as "Tungiasis". It is an infestation of the skin by a burrowing flea. These fleas tend to infest those who have inadequate living conditions and sanitation. The flea lives both outside around warm-blooded mammals and inside poorly constructed homes. It inhabits dust on floors, cracks in walls and bedding. Shoes protect to some degree but are often not affordable or adequate.

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