OMSI 2 - Solaris Urbino 12 & 18 (III. gen.)

The Urbino family is a series of low-floor city buses produced by Solaris Bus & Coach SA. The series was introduced in 1999, the latest, 4th generation debuted in September 2014 in Hannover.

This mod includes:
- BVG version of the 3rd gen. Urbino (12 & 18 m models)
- "fictional" version with ZF gearbox and electric doors (12 m model only)
- numerous repaints

Bus: alTerr, Wizard, Aleksei2506, Morphi, Kevin
Sounds: Gumble444, mbcitarofan, freddyx93, Homery, Mozart, IGBTVFD, Morphi
Repaints: alTerr, Kevin, R&W Repaints, Ferhat Pascal Sprogis, 9122_DA, Morphi, Hans Johnson, fk-design
Scripts: M-R-Software, Manu, Almondbiscuit, Italien83
Euro-Plate: Marc1972

1.) Berlin-Spandau (starting at Falkensee train station)
2.) Vienna
Game: OMSI 2 - The Bus Simulator
Developer: M-R-Software
Publisher: Aerosoft
More info:

My PC: Intel Core i5 3470, 8 GB RAM, HD7850 OC
Game controller: Logitech DFGT