Serdeczna Matko

Serdeczna Matko sung by Kathryn Ott

This was sung by our teenage daughter who learned it in 2 days, with the help of a friend, to sing at a funeral. It was the first time she sang in Polish, and I have covered the funeral footage with a slideshow of photos of my mother's family's (Polish) church.

This is a traditional Polish Hymn sung at May Crowning or sometimes funerals, and also often thought of as an unofficial anthem of Poland.

Serdeczna Matko, Opiekunko ludzi
Niech Cie płacz sierót do litości wzbudzi!
Wygnańcy Ewy, do Ciebie wołamy,
Zlituj się, zlituj, niech się, nie tułamy.

Rough Translation
Beloved Mother, protector of the people
Have compassion on the cries of orphans:
Eve's banished children, we implore you
Care for us, care! Do not let us wander.

St Mary of Czestochowa, Greenwood, PA - gone but not forgotten. Please excuse the substandard photos, the photos were taken long ago when I had a more simple camera and less skill.