Snakeman Maynard Cox, 1932-2011

Vetran's Oral History interview, 2009 (52 minutes): Maynard Horace [not Morace] Cox

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May 7, 2000

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July 4, 2004

Maynard "Snake Man" Cox dies
October 18, 2011
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"One of the worst snake bites I've ever seen occurred near Jacksonville, Florida," says Cox, a college-trained medical laboratory diagnostic technician and self-taught herpetologist. (Continued)

Protocol For Emergency Room Procedures And Hospital Management of Snakebites
By Maynard H. Cox
Paperback: 1990; revised 2003, 39 pages
A few of the highlights:
Page 1 Emergency Room
Page 3 Snake Identification and Envenomation Symptoms
Page 4 Immediate First Aid -- Treatment for Shock
Page 11 Diagnosis for pit vipers
Page 14 IV test procedures
Page 17 Complications
Page 19 Routine Orders Snakebite
Page 21 Snakebite Treatment
Page 26 First Aid for Stings
Page 28 Pesticide Protocol


Poison Snkae Bite Treatment
1. Do Not Cut & Suck
2. Do Not Apply Ice or Tournniquet
3. Treat for Shock:
If Face is Pale, Raise the Tail
If Face is Red, Raise the Head

Maynard Cox
Poisonous Bite Specialist
Orange Park, Florida
Beeper: ...

(I was honored to meet Mr. Cox in the early 1990s at a training session he presented in Ohio; I still carry his card which has the above information.)

According to Cox, if you get a venomous snake bite, the molecular weight is such that the venom is not going anywhere.

Cox said, he saw far more tissue damage coming from people treating with ice and tourniquets than the venom itself. And many times it was the hospital applying the ice (this was the 90s).


Maynard was born on December 4, 1932 in Kilgore, Idaho. He went home to be with the Lord on October 13, 2011 with his family by his side. Maynard served his country proudly in the United States Navy during The Korean Conflict and The Vietnam War retiring after 31years of decorated service. He was a MLT-ASCP Founder and Director of; The world Wide Poison Bite Information Center, Special Advisor, Emergency Services, Civil Defense, Founder and Director of The North Florida Snakebite Treatment Center, Associate Member, Society of Clinical Pathologist. Maynard was an expert in his field and was respected by many physicians, pathologist and Law Enforcement around the world.



From Maynard's lips: