The Best Way To Organize Your Dresser Drawers (Dresser Drawer Organization) How To Organize Drawers

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The Best Way To Organize Your Dresser Drawers (Dresser Drawer Organization) How To Organize Drawers.

In this video, I have two Ikea Dressers (IKEA MALM Dresser)
I have put them togethers side by side, to make one large

I also purchased the specific white frosted glass from IKEA that is sold for those MALM dressers.

This glass top protects the top of the dressers; and it makes it
Look as the two dressers are one piece.

In this video, I am organizing a total of 8 drawers.

This drawers are big, and can hold a lot of clothes.

Instead of organizing my drawers, the way most people do, which
Is folding the clothes and storing them in the drawers.

I am using Different sizes of plastic baskets to sort out my clothes by Category.

By using the plastic baskets inside of the drawers, I have saved a
Lot of space, and I can clearly see everything that I have.

By doing so... My drawers are always neatly organized!!

I have also saved a ton of space, by folding my clothes on a
Specific way, that looks like you are filling your clothes away!

I love folding the clothes in this way, because again...
I am saving a ton of space, compared to the traditional way
Of storing clothes.

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