The Very Best Of The Dubliners

Jessica Brandsma
Enjoy!! (:

Side one:
Whiskey In The Jar
The Belfast Hornpipe/Tim Maloney
All For Me Grog
Dirty Old Town
Donegal Danny
The Old Triangle

Side two:
Rebellion: Wrap The Green Flag Round Me Boys/The West's Awake/A Nation Once Again
McAlpine's Fusilliers
Home Boys Home
The Wild Rover
Seven Drunken Nights
The Wonder Hornpipe

Side three:
Spanish Lady
The Town I Loved So Well
The Three Sea Captains
Farewell To Carlingford
Lord Of The Dance
Fiddlers Green

Side four:
Matt Hyland
The Scholar/The Teetotaller/The High Reel
Blue Mountain Rag
The Lark In The Morning
Weila Waile
The Holy Ground