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EEE Family Adventures
Birth of our Son and the last part of my wife's Amazing Day Long Labor (well 8 Hours).
We decided to have our Son in the comfort of our own home with our own belongings, our own fridge of food, our own bed and all the things that make it nice to be home. We chose the most awesome midwife that we could find to help us through our journey and give us the complete birth that we were denied by doctors and the hospitals with our first two children (both girls). After semi-successful fights and demands to have natural, drug free, and peaceful births for first two children, we decided the "protocol" in the hospitals and by doctors was far too invasive for us and their refusal to let us be and just give birth was more than we wanted to risk with our 3rd child.

Special Thanks to April Kermani and Danielle Gilbert from "Baby's 1st Day" What a great Birth Team and April is a Fantastic Midwife in Las Vegas if you want the Best!